Free Trial (With a twist!)

At AnswerCanada we like to do things a little different to the competition. Our free trial is not about capturing all your company and payment details, but to actually give you a little taster as to how we will handle your calls!

The number below is available for any potential AnswerCanada client to call at any time of the day or night. The line is completely fictitious and is solely intended to give an insight into the following information:

1) How quickly we answer the phone
2) What our agents will sound like when taking your calls.
3) The accuracy of message taken
4) What the message will look like in your inbox and/or on your phone.

Please note that any personal information gathered from the phone call is only intended to demonstrate the message reporting, and will not be used for any future marketing.

Guidelines for our free trial

1) Dial 844-239-1130

2) You will be greeted with a fictitious company name

3) Request to speak with Barack or Joe. Unfortunately, George and Dick no longer work for the company.

4) After the agent has spoken to you, leave a normal message. This should be along the lines of "Please call me ASAP" or "I will call back later".

5) Our agent will ask for an e-mail address and mobile phone number. Then, not long after the call has ended, you will see how your messages can be received. If you don’t want to provide contact details, then simply decline.

Please note that for obvious reasons we can only allow one call at one time for this free test. If you hear a busy signal, please be patient and try again about a minute later. If you like the free test, sign up and we’ll be answering your calls within minutes!